Who We Are

Rosadubois CranChandler, is a non-governmental, non-profit and independent organization which is working to promote sustainable growth, advance campaign in support for developing countries in the field of infrastructure, health and development, food security, energy and afforestation in the African sub-Region.



Activities will be done and done
well. Measure twice before act on requirements. We will join others who are not in the position to help themselves and ensure that the collect drive in achieving success is attained. We will fight and keep on fighting with difficulties we face and never give up. If we fail, we will try again, if we fail again, we will keep on trying till we succeed in our quest.


We will abide by all rules and regulations. We will ensure that statements of accounts are rendered at the end of every period. We will hold ourselves accountable for driving growth of quality life.


We will ensure that, we respect
everyone from all walks of life, and respect our clientele and the external environment who we serve diligently. They are our form of existence, to that we
will establish a society of respect and tolerance for oneself.


We will ensure that, there is open communication channels within the non profit organization and the external environment in all dealings.


We hold in high esteem diversity in bringing people and resources together. We are committed to playing fairness with everyone who becomes a part of our growth and success.


We will open ourselves up to innovation and creativity from everyone regardless of personality, within or outside the non profit organization. Innovation is the pinnacle to ensuring that we out grow our old practices and move on with refined ones for a better outcome.


We ensure that, outmost provision of wants and needs for the betterment of the non profit organization with its environmental bodies, be people or organisations in the quest of quality life activities to achieving better results. 


An African society to experience quality life. We reconcile the degrading environment and provide improved health conditions. A better world for all.


The purpose of ROSADUBOIS CRANCHANDLER, is to provide solutions to degrading environment as a result of global resource scarcity which is directly related to mineral resources extraction and exploration from the continent. Also is increasing urbanization. Through education, advocacy, research and human capital, we will improve the quality of life and make a better world.

To raise awareness, contribute to the ongoing race, gender equity, disability and diversify ethnicity matters of the region. This is key to creating a neutralised community for all.

In addition to providing solutions to the degrading environment as a result of global resource scarcity, which is directly related to mineral resource extraction and exploration of the continent.

Through education, advocacy, research and human capital, we will improve the quality of life and be part of the movers of change.



our story

Rosadubois CranChandler Made was founded by Emmanuel Kweku Appeagyei Sakyi in 2020 (affectionately called Mani). However, there was difficulty in starting up as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which shook the global economy. After living in Europe and having a good travel experience from the North of America and Europe, Emmanuel has come to realised that, he can do his little in supporting grow his part of the world he grew. Europe has given him a wonderful opportunity throughout many countries he has worked in and as well had the privilege of enjoying leisure and holidays. The belief that we are all stars on earth, has made it a dream come true for Mani in setting up this NGO for providing support services in Africa. To that, this NGO seeks not to only serve Ghana, but in addition to serve countries within Africa, such as Uganda, and Rwanda. It is with the hope that advancement will be made towards other countries with good health and support. The founder of this NGO, believes that, through collaboration of all colour of people, the world becomes a better place. When the world becomes a better place, the quality of life is improved, and people become more satisfied with life’s blessings and opportunities

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